Golden Frog on Ba Gua

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1 x Golden Frog

Place Chan Chu on a low table or shelf. It's unlucky and disrespectful to put her on the floor. Don't place her too high, or she'll go off to find money for herself, and forget about you! Make sure the frog is oriented with mouth facing outward, to draw in wealth.

Your money frog or toad can face your main entrance, but shouldn't be directly in front of the door. It's best to place Chan Chu at a diagonal to the door. You can, however, put two money frogs by your main entrance. One should face the outside, to draw money and lucrative financial opportunities. The other should face inward, to prevent wealth from leaving your premises.

Never place a money frog in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. These areas dull or negate the money frog's energy. While water is associated with money, the bathroom is off limits because this location can overwhelm or "drown" your frog's powers.

Size: 12cm x 12cm
Weight: 0.4kg


Brand Unbranded
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg

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